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Myers Cocktail IV

The famous Myers Cocktail IV is also available at Orange County Iv Mobile Therapy!  So, The Myers Cocktail IV was invented by John Myers, a physician. It is a cocktail IV that is filled with nutrients and is one of the most popular infusions that has a wide range of health benefits. Call us today to get yourself some of the most famous Cocktail IV!

Ingredients of The Myers Cocktail

This famous cocktail contains a variety of ingredients that assist your body in so many ways. Let us take a look at the ingredients. So, this cocktail contains Calcium chloride which keeps teeth and bones healthy. Magnesium chloride regulates nerve and muscle functions and assists with keeping your blood pressure at a normal measurement. Vitamin B and C are also found in the Myers Cocktail, these two vitamins assist with energy levels, brain function, cell metabolism, tissue repair, wound healing, and it boosts the immune system. So, after reading about all of the ingredients, we are sure that you can see why this cocktail is so famous and why it is so popular!

What does the Myers Cocktail do?

This cocktail is infused with vitamins and nutrients that reduce the symptoms of many medical ailments. It can be used to treat several symptoms of chronic conditions such as chronic fatigue, migraines, asthma, and fibromyalgia. The way that the Myers Cocktail works is to increase the blood concentration of several essential minerals and vitamins. When it is administered intravenously it improves the results drastically rather than taking it orally. The blend of minerals and vitamins will work together to boost your overall wellness and health.

Benefits of the Myers Cocktail

Let us take a look at the benefits of the Myers Cocktail IV. The cocktail assists in building a stronger immune system that can beat colds and cases of flu and because of Vitamin C, it helps to ward of these colds and flues so that you do not frequently get sick.  It improves never health, which helps to fight fibromyalgia. Myers cocktail also improves memory, this is due to the Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C that is found in the cocktail. With the Myers Cocktail, you will have healthier bones and teeth due to the calcium in the cocktail. When you have the right amount of calcium in your body it helps to keep bones strong and healthy. The vitamin B complex in the cocktail will improve overall energy levels. Myers Cocktail also helps to prevent and treat migraine, improves blood health and it will improve your mood and vitality.

How often do you need the Myers Cocktail?

For most individuals, the cocktail can be administered once or twice a week, with the beneficial effects usually becoming noticeable by the fourth dose. After the fourth dose of Myers Cocktail, it is up to you how often you would like to receive the Myers Cocktail IV, but you can also discuss it with our physicians.

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